Attention Dennis Wilson fans! This is to announce an event many of you have been waiting for. Finally, the party is planned, the date is set, and all we need is you. We’ve been hearing it for years…”Why doesn’t somebody organize a celebration in honor of Dennis Wilson?”

Well, celebrate the news! Because…

On Saturday December 6th at Chez Jay’s in Santa Monica, California we’re throwing the first ever Dennis Wilson Bash! A party worthy of Dennis has to be fun, fun, fun and that’s just what you’ll have if you join us. Imagine an entire day filled with fabulous music, rare video, wild and wonderful stories, and more…all focusing on Dennis Wilson! Add to that great food, and drinks, in a place by the beach that was Denny’s favorite…the legendary Chez Jay’s. On the day of the DW Bash the world’s greatest “beach dive" will be filled with the fans, friends, and family of Dennis Wilson all having a great time in his honor. If you act now you can be a part of what will undoubtedly be a legendary day. Let’s Bash!!!

Space Is Limited! Chez Jay’s is an intimate, cozy space. That’s one of the reasons Dennis liked it there so much. We can only allow a limited number of “fans” to join the party. If you would like to be a part of the action please don’t hesitate to register.

Don’t Miss This! All fans that join us on Bash day will be presented with a specially designed Dennis Wilson Bash t-shirt, plus extra FREE gifts. Attendees will be fed a great Chez Jay’s buffet style lunch including soft drinks. Bash goers will also have the opportunity to purchase unique Dennis Wilson and Beach Boys memorabilia and collectibles. And that’s only part of the fun…

Party! Jon, Dan, and Betty, the Bash organizers, are fans just like you. Our goal is to have a great party for Dennis and raise a little money for charity along the way. There will be music, sing-alongs, storytelling, poetry, amazing rare Beach Boys and Dennis Wilson video…and undoubtedly a few surprises too!

Celebrate! Why now? This December is the 20th anniversary of Dennis Wilson’s untimely passing…but don’t get us wrong…this will be no somber occasion. We’re throwing this party to honor Dennis in a way HE would have liked. We’ll recognize his wonderful talent, remember his sense of fun, and celebrate his life! Just like Denny bashed his drums with a rockin’ spirit of freedom, we’ll have a rockin’ Bash too!

We look forward to seeing you there,

Jon Stebbins
Betty Collignon
Dan Addington

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