Hey Dennis Fans!

New Dennis Wilson T-Shirt!!!

Beach Boy fan Greg Larson has produced a new shirt in a series of t-shirts that have become legendary in Beach Boy circles in the last few years. They have included shirts with the SMiLE cover, a Carl Wilson shirt, and a membership shirt for the Pet Sounds mailing list. These shirts are created BY a fan FOR fans. And they are VERY professionally done.

Greg has asked us at BAP to spread the word. BAP receives no proceeds from any sales. Basically, I just think it's a pretty freaking cool idea, it's a striking image, and Greg makes a QUALITY product. I own his SMiLE shirt, and it is great! Full color, high quality silkscreening on a quality shirt. Only a limited amount of shirts are still available, so email him soon, even if you just have questions!

I think it's great when fans take initiative with projects like this, so if you're at all interested, let's show him some support and get a cool shirt or two.

The following is the order info in his words. contact him directly for more information, and to place orders.


  • Hi. My name is Greg Larson and I make Beach Boy t-shirts. For those who don't know me, I've previously made four other BB shirts and have sold them mainly over the internet. Those who are aware of me know that I only make quality shirts and have gained a 'reputation' of being a reliable person to deal with.

    This new effort is a white HANES T and features a four color shot of Dennis from the mid-70's (see image below). My shirts are always professionally screened; they are not iron-on decals. With proper care they will last for years. They're available in sizes M. L, and XL. The price is $25. This price includes postage in the U.S. I've sent orders to New Zealand, England, Sweden, Canada and other places so non-U.S. orders are certainly 'do-able' but price would have to be figured on an individual basis.

    If you have any questions or want to place an order please contact me at


    Thanks for your time.


    To order, email Greg at GLarson432@aol.com

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